Grout gun – Hoby

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The Grout gun Hoby provides easy, quick and accurate grouting. Connect an electric drill to the device. The drum is activated by turning the drill, which allows uniform application of the grout. The sticks prevent sudden rotation of the handle of the drill. The kit includes a Hoby grouting device and a spray for lubricating the bearing sleeve and shaft.

The photo shows how to attach a drill, which is not the subject of our offer.

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  • strainless steel tank for grout (can containg 2-3 masonry dippers)
  • Stainless steel output tube
  • nozzle Φ10
  • propulsion and mixing spring coil
  • bearing with o-ring gasket
  • rod that prevents rotation of the drill gun
  • leg that prevents tipping over
  • padded output tube for holding

Powered by the electric drill:

  • minimum recommended power: 1000 W
  • requires waterproof version
  • powered by battery drill gun
  • recommended a stronger version: 14 to 24 VDC

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